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Sleep Disorders

Yellow CrossSleep Disorders in Children with Down Syndrome

Sleep Apnea

Prevalence of sleep apnea (respiratory pauses) in children with DS is very high 40-60%
Current screening practice: high vigilance, inquire about sleep problems

Sleep study for all children by age 4-5 yr (sooner as required)
Why children with DS are at higher risk for sleep apnea.

Common risk factors and their possible relevance to sleep apnea (younger to older children)

What to look for

Sleep Management

White on black CrossSleep Management in Children with Down Syndrome

Sleep Hygiene
Working to promote consistently good sleep habits (sleep hygiene) is an important and practical goal to strive for
Tips to promote better sleep

What to discuss with your pediatrician 
Medical, health and wellness considerations

  • Avoid too much heat or dryness in the bedroom at night, better to be humid and cool
  • Treat allergies and upper respiratory infections aggressively. Nasal
  • ...Read more

Sleep Concerns

 Sleep Concerns in Children with Down Syndrome
Sleep, behavior and mental health are all intimately related and can influence each other. The relationship between sleep and behavior is complex and causality runs in both directions. Children with Down syndrome (DS) who have high levels of activity or anxiety may display difficult behavior with bedtime routines. Such children are more likely to have insomnia and problems initiating and/or maintaining consistently restful or restorative sleep. In turn, poor quality sleep can exacerbate existing problems...Read more
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