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Developmental Function

Developmental Function in Children with Down Syndrome

orange-red-yellow, 1961 Mark RothkoBrain Development Brain size is often normal throughout gestation and the first 6 months of postnatal life before decelerating during the second half of the first year of postnatal life. The brain in Down syndrome is said to have a characteristic morphologic appearance that permits it to be easily identified at autopsy. Decreased size and weight with foreshortening of the anterior-posterior diameter, flattening of the ... Read more

Neurobehavioral Concerns

  Neurobehavioral Concerns in Children with Down Syndrome

Behavior is often a presenting concern by parents on behalf of children with Down syndrome. Although maladaptive behaviors are in no way unique to either young children with trisomy21, or intellectual disability both the type and severity of certain behaviors could be considered a marker, heralding the presence of some underlying neurobiological difference associated...Read more

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