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Autistic-Like Behavior Disorders

Autistic-like Behavior Disorders in Children with Down Syndrome

blue-green-brown, 1952 Mark RothkoThe Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and Stereotypic movement disorder (SMD) are considered together because they may present similarly and are frequently confused with one another. When considered together DS+ASD and DS+SMD appear to align along a continuum of cognitive-language-social impairment. Thus, even though SMD may not officially be on the autism spectrum because it fails to meet a certain threshold for impairment there are many similarities between these related conditions. 
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Managing Autistic-like Behaviors

Autistic-like (Internalizing) Behavior in Children with Down syndrome
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Autistic-like internalizing behavior is directed inward or toward self. Repetitive behavior, perseveration and social withdrawal may be tolerated by others, but clearly interfere with social interaction.This makes it difficult to engage the child in group or individual therapies and learning opportunities

Mixed internalizing & externalizing behavioral features
Repetitive or perseverative tendencies may exist at a manageable level. The child is capable of social attention and interaction but this ...Read more

Autism-like Behaviors

  Autism-like Behaviors in Children with Down Syndrome

Autism-like behaviors are those behaviors commonly seen in children with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). ASD is best defined as a neurobehavioral symptom-complex with three core features, 1) impairments in reciprocal-social interaction, 2) impairments in social-communication and 3) a relatively restricted and stereotyped pattern of behavioral interests and activities. As a neurobehavioral symptom-complex, ASD is a diagnosis based upon observed behaviors and not necessarily its cause or etiology. For the purpose of this discussion...Read more

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